Packaging & Shipping Policy


We watch out for all our bundled great. That’s what we know whether the essential bundling neglects to take care of its responsibilities then it will be perilous for those patients who might consume the item in the wake of being recommended by clinical faculty like specialists.

In the distribution center of after the essential bundling is finished, the drug items are then prepared for the subsequent stage of bundling which is basically alluded to as optional bundling. Fundamentally, the optional bundling is simply one more layer of bundling.

In conclusion comes tertiary bundling which is generally significant for delivery and transportation purposes.


Extra weight-based conveyance charges for chosen Non-Remedy items are determined on the item/Medication pages, and these charges will likewise be shown right underneath the individual items/Prescriptions on the Shopping basket page during checkout.

  • Orders with a worth of under 10$ would cause a transportation charge of Rs. 1$
  • FREE Conveyance on orders of 10$ or something else for drugs.

COD Charges Policy

  • COD requests are not charged an extra expense for any request esteem.
  • COD charges are notwithstanding standard conveyance expenses.
  • The COD installment technique acknowledges just dollars.
  • Installment by credit/charge card, DD, check, or some other technique isn’t acknowledged for COD installments.
  • A COD exchange can be utilized to arrange anything.
  • The COD choice is just accessible in a couple of areas.

Estimated Delivery Time

For online installments, request affirmation happens once installment approval and check are gotten. At the point when you pay with a money order or cash request, your request is affirmed once our client care delegate checks your request and transportation address. Request affirmation happens for other Disconnected installments once the installment is cleared.


We will illuminate you once the request has been affirmed and when the things have been sent, as well as give a report on the assessed conveyance time.


We really bend over backward to deliver everything in your request inside 4 working long stretches of getting it. Nonetheless, at times, it might require up to 7 working days to transport the request since we might have to acquire it from another store or our providers. In the improbable circumstance that we can’t deliver your request totally in no less than 7 days of the request, we will drop the leftover unshipped piece of the request and advise you through email. In such cases, your installment for the unshipped part of the request will be discounted in a similar way in which you made the installment.


Cancellation By Customer

On the off chance that we get a wiping out notice The orders that have proactively been transported out by our end won’t be dropped and you should really take a look at our merchandise exchange on those orders.

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